Lucys Lounge Design

This is a website myself and three other students built as part of our second year group project. We built a website for a small vintage shop in Temple Bar which sells up-cycled clothing.Myself and the other students built the website from scratch taking all the photos and creating the videos on the site. Working with a live client was a great experience that thought me a lot. The site can be viewed at

Three Little Pigs Interactive Website

This was a project i created in second year. The brief was to create a parallax scrolling website while incorporating story telling. All the graphics for this project were also designed by me. The website can be viewed at

Fingal Community Hub Website

This project was done at the start of my second year in college. I was assigned a client and had to make them a website. I also designed the logo at the top of the page. This was my first experience of working with a live client. The site can be viewed at